Jan 12, 2008

Nightshift police officer honored for community service

Officer Tige Thompson of the Marco Island Police Department finds a way to fit being the coach of the local wrestling team into his schedule on the nightshift of the police force. He recently was honored by the Marco Police Foundation for his outstanding work on many fronts. An Article in The Naples (Florida) Daily News says that he often foregos sleep for an entire weekend to get to competitions.

I applaud Officer Thompson's generosity and determination. At the same time, foregoing sleep for an entire weekend is a dangerous practice that could endange public safety and Officer Thompson himself if he's on duty, or operating a vehicle, in a fatigue-impaired state.

Nice work Officer Thompon and congratulations. And, I hope you are able to find a reasonable balance that enables you get the sleep you need.


Note: Purely by chance, I've had a few recent posts on police and shiftwork-related issues. I've included links below for your convenience:
In addition, the Thorsby, Alabama, police department recently changed to 12-hour shifts. Looks like a bit of a trend to this observer.

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