Jan 10, 2008

Another police force embraces 12-hour shifts

Yesterday I wrote about a police department in Illinois where officers were holding out on signing a new contract unless they can continue to work 12-hour shifts rather than reverting to an 8-hour shift schedule. Today I learned about the Nobelseville, Indiana police department which has just switched to a 12-hour shift schedule.

Capt. Brad Arnold of the Noblesville police believes the shift change will reduce sick time, allow officers to use vacation time more efficiently and eventually save the department money by alleviating "a lot of overtime." And how do the officers feel about this change? To quote one officer, Lt. Tony Craig, "It's a simple godsend."

Read the full story at Putting more police on roads
Officers now work 12-hour shifts, which can put 11 cops out on the road at one time


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