Jan 11, 2008

When Time magazine covered shiftwork

Tonight as I sat in my office working at the computer I came across an online article I hadn't seen in many years. Back in 1999, Time magazine ran a long piece on the challenges of shiftwork called In the Deep of the Night. (Yours truly is quoted on the third page of the article.)

The article discusses the alertness and safety challenges, the scheduling issues, and more.

And, while we're talking about some old articles, I'm reminded of an article that appeared in Inc. magazine which covered a man who proudly declared he was much more productive in a 24-hour period because he had trained himself to sleep less. That of course is bu**. You can click here to read the article, "Sleep is for Wusses" and my letter to the editor in reply about the dangers, and the costs, of inadequate sleep.


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