Jan 13, 2008

Las Vegas's shiftworkers get voice in political caucuses

Democratic caucuses for the shiftworkers on the Las Vegas have become a point of contention.
There may be no place on earth where the 24/7 world is more vibrantly on display than the Las Vegas strip. Whenever caucuses would be held, some portion of these shiftworkers would therefore need to miss them since they would be working.

But, casino operators and Democratic party officials have arranged to hold caucuses at nine casinos on Las Vegas's famed "strip" along Las Vegas Boulevard. Employees at all nine casinos are represented by Culinary Workers Union 226 which has publicly endorsed Barack Obama. Those filing the suit claim that the location of the caucuses favors the union and disadvantages shiftworkers for non-organized casinos who may need to walk long distances or navigate the always-busy traffic on Las Vegas Boulevard to get to caucus sites.

Without wading into the political arena, I just think it's great that Nevada has recognized the special challenges shiftworkers face in facets of every day life. While I know many shiftworkers would like to ban their neighbors from mowing their lawn at 11:00 in the morning I don't think that's likely to happen on a widespread basis. But, there certainly are other steps local governments and civic leaders can take to better accomodate shiftworkers' needs.

What sort of similar arrangements could be made that would help your day-to-day life? Post your comment.


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