Mar 19, 2008

Early morning lockout at Australian clubs unfair to shiftworkers

A push in Adelaide, Australia to reduce violence in night clubs by locking out new patrons between the hours of 3 am and 7 am is being resisted by local proprietors.  One of the reasons given is the negative impact of such a move on shiftworkers.
The Australian Broadcast Company report quotes one local as saying:
"People that have shift work, who finish at say three in the morning or four in the morning like to come into a venue and unwind. That's their little timeslot," she said.
As I sit here in our offices, half way around the world from Adelaide, I have no way of knowing if this is a genuine concern for shiftworkers or merely a proprietor looking for any excuse to resist new regulation.  Either way, I am pleased to see this item because it helps raise awareness of special needs of shiftworkers, and because it shows that the speaker felt invoking shiftworkers' needs would register with the public to help rally support for her position.  That's good news for shiftworkers.

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