Feb 13, 2008

Chicago police department considers 12-hour shift work schedule

Police in Chicago (Illinois, USA) are considering moving to 12-hour shifts and a 3-day work week. Among the benefits potential benefits cited are more time to decompress with family, and the fact that after a longer shift, off-duty officers are less likely to go out drinking after work.

The Fraternal Order of Police is advocating a schedule that involves 6 days on and 3 off with an 8-hour shift work schedule, but says it is open to the 12-hour shift proposal.

As we've noted in previous posts to this blog, many police departments are moving to 12-hour shifts, often at the behest of officers or their unions.

The Chicago Sun-Times has more information on this in their article 12-hour shifts, 3-day week for cops? New boss considers change that could cut down on drinking after work which appeared in the February 13, 2008 paper.

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