Feb 12, 2008

Fatigue management and shiftwork training course for shiftwork managers

There aren't a lot of public courses created specifically to train managers in 24/7 opertaions so we like to let you know when they do come along. International Quality & Productivity Center, a global conference company, is running a series of training classes in 4 Australian cities during June and July of this year that you might want to consider. The program, FATIGUE MANAGEMENT & SHIFTWORK Exchanging Best Practice Strategies for Mitigating Fatigue Risk in a Shiftwork Environment, is lead by Drew Dawson, a professor and recognized sleepp and shiftwork expert. (The link gives you additional information and an early-bird discount of about 7% if you respond by April 8.)

The course covers topics of importance to managing shiftworkers and running a 24/7 operation. It includes information on fatigue countermeasures and shiftworker training, legal issues, and shiftwork management policies.

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