Dec 5, 2008

New drug mimicks melatonin to help jet lag -- shiftworkers too -- but ...

Vanda Pharmaceuticals is working to bring to market tasimelteon, a drug that mimicks the effects of the homrone melatonin and can be used to help reset human biological clocks.  This, of course can be useful for those travelling across time zones and for shiftworkers looking to adjust their sleep schedules.  Of course, melatonin is already on the market as a supplement (meaning it's not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. 
You should consult your physician before using melatonin, and of course you would have to consult your physician before using tasimelteon since you'll need a prescription.  But for those on rotating shifts and fixed night shiftworkers who want to adjust faster for off days, melatonin might be part of your strategy.

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