Dec 5, 2008

Canadian Wal-Marts open 24-hours to hlep shiftworkers and others

In Canada, Wal-Marts stay open 24-hours a day in December, and many of them do so year round.  This is a practice they've been doing for many years.  According to Kevin Groh, director of corporate affairs, Wal-Mart Canada Corp. "This would be our fourth year across Canada. Initially it started as a test and what was initially something of a novelty has become, as we see it, fairly mainstream. The question we're frequently asked is who is taking us up on the offer of 24-hour shopping, and really what we're seeing is people whose lives simply don't fit a nine-to-five schedule.  Last year, we opened many stores heading into Christmas, but coming out of Christmas we actually left 25 of them open permanently and they haven't closed since."
Groh said communities where people do a lot of shift work and neighbourhoods where there are lots of young families especially like the convenience.
Yes!. The National Shiftwork Information Center applauds Wal-Marts for being aware of the needs of this important consticuency.

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