May 18, 2008

12-hour shifts on an oil rig: maximum shiftwork

12-hour shifts have their own rhythm. Nowhere is that more true than for workers on an off-shore oil rig who work 14 days in a row, followed by 14 days off. The challenges to alertness, health, and family life are significant. But having two weeks off each month is appealing, as are the wages, which look even more appealing when you consider that for the two weeks on the rig food is provided and there aren't a lot of chances to actually spend money.

This 12-hour shiftwork schedule and shiftwork lifestyle is common on offshore oil rigs. It is also used in Australia to run operations that are far from population centers and workers are flown in for 2-week tours of duty.

For more about this unique type of shiftwork, read Life on a rig in the Gulf of Mexico from the Shreveport Times (Louisiana, USA)

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