Feb 28, 2009

New site offers publications for 24/7 operations

My old friends at Circadian Information, now of Stoneham, Massachusetts, have launched a new site to promote and sell their publications.  It has been 7 years since I left Circadian and they have created many new reports and resources during that time, but I am delighted to see that many of the publications I started are still available -- Working Nights, the monthly employee newsletter for shiftworkers; Managing 24/7, a monthly newsletter for managers of 24/7 operations; the whole Working Nights series of training pamphlets, and a few others.  These are publications that can be tremendously valuable for managers, policy makers, and shiftworkers and their family members.  I encourage you to take a look.
Full disclosure:  I have NO ongoing relationship with any of the Circadian companies or its employees (other than social connections I maintain with some).  I was the founding publisher, Managing Director of Circadian Information, and an owner of Circadian Information.

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Penny said...

Thanks for the shift work references. I have used some of them to research information for my night jobs website.