Jul 18, 2008

Environmental push may promote shiftwork

Over the last couple of months I have seen many articles on governments mandating or promoting 4-day work weeks as a way to reduce traffic and energy consumption.  While this may reduce commuting and gas use, it often means facilities are now sitting idle for 3 days each week.  But, I ran across an article on GroovyGreen.com about Indonesia promoting the 4-day work week.  What caught my eye in particular was the following paragraph:

However, Indonesia has approached the energy shortage problem from a different angle.  They've decided to push companies towards 7 day a week operation to take advantage of lower energy demand on the weekend and prevent rolling blackouts.

For all of our readers in Indonesia, if this does mean your business moves to a 24/7 shiftwork operation, keep in mind that the National Shfitwork Information Center website is a forum to help you (whether you're a shiftworker or a manager) make shiftwork as safe, healthy, and productive as possible.

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