Mar 31, 2008

Some shiftworkers PREFER to work night shift

An article in today's Erie Times-News declares "Working third shift or swing shifts disturbs sleep rhythms -- and lives."  The article doesn't break any news but all coverage of shiftwork is good coverage in our view. 
The reporter spoke to Ken Walker, a health center technician, who said:
If Walker could choose to work either days or nights, he said the decision would be easy.

"I'd work nights," he said. "I like to stay up late. And if I have eight hours worth of work at night, I can do it in eight hours."
I particularly like this line because I often hear from people who declare such things as " no one would work the night shift if they have a choice."  I always beg to differ saying I've met many people who prefer the night shift, for many reasons, but I don't think I get my point across most of the time.  Now for the readers in Erie, Pennsylvania (USA) can read it in black and white.

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