Mar 8, 2008

Shiftwork in music -- Kenny Chesney, George Strait, REM, and more

If Shiftwork had an anthem, right now it would certainly be Kenny Chesney's duet with George Strait, the song, "Shiftwork" from his "Just Who I Am" CD. With a chorus of ...
Talking about a bunch of shift work
A big ol' pile of shift work
Work seven to three
Three to eleven
Eleven to seven

Other honorable mentions would be REM's "Day Sleeper" from their Up CD, a song that actually uses the phrase "circadian rhythm."

Receiving department, 3 a.m.
Staff cuts have socked up the overage
Directives are posted
No callbacks, complaints
Everywhere is calm

Of course, a few years back, Tina Turner put out a CD entitled "24/7" although it was really just the name of the album.

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