Feb 19, 2008

Working shiftwork in Michigan

If you're interested in the 24/7 world of shiftwork like I am, you can't get enough of seeing coverage of the media covering shiftwork issues. I found this article, "Up all night," in The County Press (Lapeer, Michigan, USA). It discusses the demographics of who works what kind of shiftwork -- second shift, night shift, irregular shifts. The reporter interviewed a couple of local shiftworkters.

"One of these people is Matt Bennett, 27, of Grand Blanc, who is a dispatcher for Lapeer County Central Dispatch. Since June of 2006, he's worked 10-hour shifts from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. His shift will include working four days in a row, then getting time off, working five days in a row, and more time off. Once a month, he gets six consecutive days off."

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