Jan 7, 2008

Snoring? It could be sleep apnea -- shiftworkers should particularly take note.

Sleep is a subject near and dear to most shiftworkers' hearts. So anything that reduces the number of hours, or the quality of, your sleep is important. Perhaps the most under-treated of all sleep disorders is sleep apnea -- a condition where your airway collapses causing you to stop breathing in your sleep. This in turn causes you to wake up, even if you're not aware that you're waking up. So you can wake up after spending 7 or 8 hours in bed but not feel particularly well rested. Risk factors include snoring, large neck size, and smoking.

Shiftworkers who snore heavily, or who are told they stopped breathing in the middle of their sleep, should consult their doctor or a sleep clinic. Sleep apnea has a number of treatment options that are highly effective. Get the sleep you need. Get checked.

An article in The Canadian Press discusses the topic of sleep apnea -- Snoring Could Mean Sleep Apnea.

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