Jan 27, 2008

Does working shiftwork make it harder not to gain weight, or to stick to a diet?

The National Weather Service operates 24/7, 365 days a year, covering weather developments across the country. If you live in areas affected by blizzards, droughts, hurricanes, tornados, floods, or other weather events, or if you fly a plane or sail a boat, I'm sure you appreciate that the National Weather Service is on the job. In the coming weeks, I'll be bringing you excerpts of interviews with National Weather Service employees, so you can hear, in their own words, their shiftwork tips.

Today, we're hearing about managing your weight. Here are some interview excerpts:

"In general, I have had to be more aware of keeping my weight down since I started working full time rotating shifts for NWS. I have a tendency to grab something sweet and fattening to eat, especially when I'm tired. One of the things I try to do while at work is limit my intake of cold drinks to one, diet or regular, per shift, and then drink water or fruit juice the rest of the shift. The more water I drink, the fuller I feel and less likely I'll be to snack on junk food. I also try to bring low fat snacks and meals with me to work.

"Also, I've joined a health club that is close to the office. Having the health club so close by gives me quick access to a work out before or after my shift, and I'm less likely to bail out because of a long travel time. If you don't have access to a health club or don't care to join one, you could try to plan some kind of physical activity with your spouse, your kids, or a friend. This way you can combine quality visit time and exercise. "

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